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Card WorldPerks® Visa® Platinum Card Apply Online
*Terms and Conditions

WorldPerks® Visa® Platinum Card
Issued by: U.S. Bank
Card Category: Reward - Airline
Annual Fee: $55
APR: 18%

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Review - WorldPerks® Visa® Platinum Card
Updated: June 26, 2008
The WorldPerks® Visa® Platinum Card, issued by U.S. Bank, is ideal for those with very good credit who travel regularly on Northwest Airlines® or any of their airline partners. Apply online if desired after reviewing details for the WorldPerks Visa Platinum Card.

Through the rewards program, cardholders earn one mile for each dollar spent on purchases. Up to five miles per dollar can also be earned at partici pating restaurants. See the WorldPerks Visa Platinum Card Terms and Conditions for full details. Upon approval, up to 10,000 bonus miles are applied to the account. Earned miles can be redeemed for free travel with Northwest Airlines® or any of their partners. Apply for the WorldPerks Visa Platinum Card today and get a competitive interest rate. Although miles do not expire, there are some mileage restrictions. For instance, those who spend more than $60,000 in any calendar year or over $10,000 per billing cycle will be limited to one mile for every two dollars spent over that amount.

Nevertheless, those who prefer to have their credit card bill automatically paid in full each month (or are members of Northwest® WorldPerks® Platinum Elite, Gold Elite, or Silver Elite) will be exempt from all reward limitations. The WorldPerks Visa Platinum Card is for individuals that are interested in a card that is particularly good at.

For an airline reward card, the $55 annual fee is considered reason able, but the interest rate applied to purchases is above average. It is important to note that the APRs for all transactions are tied to the highest Prime Rate during a three-month period. Due to this policy, the APRs may never reach the lowest possible interest rate.

In addition to the rewards program, cardholders can expect common platinum benefits offered by U.S. Bank that include up to $1,000,000 in travel acci dent insurance, auto rental insurance, purchase protection services, and online account access.

Therefore, those who can afford to pay in full each month (to avoid finance charges), plan to sign up for the auto-payment option (to avoid reward limitations), and will be able to earn a free ticket or other travel related service within a two-year period (due to the annual fee) will benefit most from what the WorldPerks® Visa® Platinum Card has to offer.

Most Attractive Feature(s) - WorldPerks® Visa® Platinum Card
Miles earned can be used with various airline partners; miles do not expire; bonus miles.

Reward - WorldPerks® Visa® Platinum Card

Miles per Dollar: 1 Mile
Additional Miles: Up to 5 miles per dollar spent at select restaurants.
Expiration: None
Yearly Limit: None (1 mile is awarded for every $2 spent if purchases exceed $60,000 per year or $10,000 per billing cycle.)
Bonus Miles: Annually: 55 Miles**
Bonus Miles: Details: **Miles awarded for payment of the $55 annual fee.
Mile Details: Miles earned can be redeemed for travel on Northwest Airlines®, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines®, Continental Airlines®, Alaska Airlines® and additional carriers.



American Express SimplyCash(SM) Business Card

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  • unlimited cash back;
  • 0% introductory rate.


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US Airways® Visa Signature® Credit Card

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  • Double miles on US Airways purchases;
  • 0% Introductory APR on purchases;
  • $90 annual fee.
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